Powering Up Your Body by Strengthening The Immune System and Naturally Balancing Your Hormones So It Can Heal Itself.

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I would like to invite you and your family to The United Martial Science Federation Ranch for a day of horseback riding, raw food prep classes and a health seminar with Dr. Ward Joiner. One of the main things that I like and appreciate about Dr. Joiner is that he never recommends or suggests any supplements without first take an in depth look at your blood lab results. Taking any supplements without first having a good blood test from a reliable lab to see what’s in your blood or what it is deficient in (parasites, Candida, glucose serum, sodium and potassium serum, insulin-like growth factors, total testosterone to name a few) is like shooting a gun blindfolded hoping to hit something.

Life can only come from life (live foods not over cooked chemically denatured processed foods). Live foods are our body’s Medicine not DRUGS.

We must become aware that to have longevity and an enduring existence free of dis-ease, our physical body, mental health and spiritual self must live in harmony and equilibrium. We must choose only high quality foods and supplements derive from living plants; also we must avoid too many food combinations. Food selection preparation and eating is a healing art within itself. The proper preparation of raw foods and supplements will preserves and concentrates the nutrition of live foods adding vital energy to your meals and supplements, which nurses the body physically, mentally and spiritually. Live foods also aid in attaining a health pH and strengthen the immune system at the same time improving digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. It further helps the body’s elimination systems which support the body’s own natural detoxification process.

Today’s diet primarily consist of processed foods, low- nutrient non- organic fruits and vegetables, can lack specific essential amino- acids. Amino- acids that are necessary for health and required to naturally increase your own Total and Free Testosterone. By naturally increasing Testosterone it stimulates the body’s own HGH level, which activates the body’s production of IGF-1 to optimum levels. It is well documented that Testosterone levels peak in both men and women in their twenties and decline thereafter, especially during middle age. Clinical studies have proven, this natural process of increasing Testosterone facilitates the repair and regeneration of damaged cells, strengthens the immune system, naturally balances hormones (not using BIO-Identical), and slows or “reverses” aging. Live foods produce Life


• Increase Energy Stamina

• Achieve Better and Sounder Sleep

• Improve Your Optimistic Attitude

& Mental Processes

• Balancing Hormones Naturally

(not using bio-identical)

• Strengthen the Immune System for

Optimum Immune Defense

• Improving Digestion, Absorption

and Elimination

• Regain Youthful Exuberance

and Improved Outlook

• Increase Muscle Tone and Elasticity

of the Skin

• Improved Cartilage Formation

of the Joints

• Recharge Sexual Desire and Performance

• Regrow hair (in some cases)

or reduce the gray

• Increase Muscle Mass

and Loss Fat Content

• Increase Bone Mass / Reverse the

Process Leading to Osteoporosis

• Speed Healing to Old Injuries

and Improved Joint Mobility

• Diminish or Eliminate Cellulite

and Wrinkles

• Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

• Promote Regeneration of Aged

and Weakened Organs


Integrity, Mobility and Precision

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Martial art forms and techniques are about posture and movement and the transitions in between. Every movement that you do will either make you better or worse. You are either deficient, which will make you less effective, or you are efficient (in your movement) which will make you more effective (in your execution). In martial arts, there must be total body synchronization, symmetry and structural alignment integrated at the moment of impact with an opponent or an object. The body must have symmetry so that one part is not stronger than another; all parts must be equally strong. If you cannot do a one- armed push-up or a one-legged squat then you must consider yourself unfit for martial art training. Practice has never made anyone efficient or better if the training and/or practice is incorrect, only perfect practice (structural alignment, symmetry, posture, correct intent, proper movement) makes you better and more efficient. Martial art is about learning to move correctly. Progression, variety and precision are the three main components an instructor must use in their teaching to help each student learn. Each student must attend class on a regular basis to learn how to work out and train. The martial artist must have mobility, precision and above all, integrity in every movement. If you can’t stabilize your body you can’t control your body. If you do not have stability then you are inefficient.  In martial arts training we see a lot of asymmetrical movement (moving one side of the body without balancing the opposite side). If you’re training yourself or teaching someone else that does not have integrity, correct movement, and precision, they won’t have good mobility. So they can’t execute the movement properly or move well which then causes your teaching to go on top of a dysfunctional body.  They look like they have an improvement in their fitness and skill level but it is only temporary, it is built on a shaky foundation of dysfunctional and disjointed body. So it’s not about how many movements (forms, techniques, weapons forms) that you know, but how well you move when performing and/or executing them. You must learn to integrate and synchronize your movements and not isolate them.

Structure Alignment

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Miss alignment of one body segment/body part will often cause near by segments/Body parts/joints out of alignment. If the lumbar spin is pulled out of alignment due to muscle imbalance the the pelvic, femurs and even the knee may become miss alignment.

Women Self Defense Class

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Saturday 3:00p – 4:30p / Sunday 12:30p – 2:00p

This workshop includes instruction and hands on training. It is designed to help particpants recognize potentially dangerous situations and to develop behavior to reduce the probability of an initital encounter.  The participants will be taught basic self-defense designed to significantly reduce the degree of physical harm that might come to her.


The Future of Martial Art Part 2

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The first task, therefore, is to learn the true basic foundation of our martial arts. Those, whom we entrust to educate us on martial matters, often teach without highlighting their ramifications. We, in our ignorance listen to these teachings but do not understand their meaning. The most fundamental thing to understand from the beginning is a little truth that gets rather forgotten in martial arts circles, that all martial arts are based on the same scientific laws.

Most martial art practitioners may be tempted to look at one of these ‘other’ systems which is quite alien to their own and feel that it’s Followers are somehow misguided and that “they are somehow quite superior them. It is a common to attach such labels which are caused by our martial art miseducation. Karate, kung fu, tai chi, tae kwon do, to name a few is all martial cousins. Indeed, the relationship is closer even than that; all the different martial art styles are brothers, born from the same martial science root.

All human begins possess joints. Each joint possess a limited range of movement and when twisted beyond that limited range of movement will incapacitate your opponent. Understanding the different structural characteristics of the three different types of joints (synarthrodial, amphiarthrodial, and diarthrodial) that make up the human body will aid in understanding their particular strength and weakness possessed by each joint which can be exploited by the martial practitioner to defeat his opponent or would be attacker. Structural limitations of a joint or group of joints dictate the movement patterns that are possible. Because the arm is a compound appendage, to move a joints in the linkage you must also move the remaining joints that make up that appendage.

There is, only three basic movements which the human body is capable of making bending so that the body occupies less space, stretching so that the body occupies more space and twisting occurs when the body parts rotates about their longitudinal axis. When combined they make up fundamental movement patterns such as running, skipping, hopping, jumping, throwing, striking and walking. Confine the body to occupy less space or expanded so that it can occupy more space will necessitate a coordinated muscle effort to move things toward the body or away from the body. An attack simply put is no more than a push or a pull. Twist/rotation (not to be confused with torque as all movements at joints involve the concept of torque) is no more than a push and pull when one is trying to manipulate the appendage or body of an opponent or a would be attacker. For example to rotate the hand and lower arm in ki bon soo # 2, your fingers have to pull the baby finger side of the hand while your thumb pushes the thumb side of the hand which will cause the hand to twist /rotate about its longitudinal axis. The human body is simply a series of connected blocks, rods, and spheres linked together at the various joints. Martial art masters/educators’ must possess a good understanding of joint structures and their range of movement to understand the strength and weaknesses of each. Simplify your training and ideas, nothing is that complicated. Any alphabet or numbers regardless whether the English, Chinese, Sanskrit, hieroglyphics is composed of a line an some combination of the circle, everything in the known universe is composed of molecules which consists of atoms, which have three basic components protons, neutrons in the nucleus and electrons in outer shells. The different configurations or arrangements in the outer shells make up the different elements. Here we see that three makes many.


The Future of Martial Arts

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The future of martial arts in this country, and abroad, seems to be very dismal to say the least, because of the martial art illiteracy that exists among the martial art educators/teachers of the various styles of today. Instead of moving the fighting arts forward we have taken several steps backward. Some are even saying that many of the martial art techniques have no relevance in the modern world; that our modern society has simply outgrown them. But look around the world; see the deep passion with which martial arts follow in some quarter and observing the consequences of the conflict that occurs in their practices. You have high ranking black belts, masters, and teachers that say, and agree, it is not important to know or teach the scientific principles and concepts that support and make possible martial movement and techniques. This doesn’t change the fact that people will remember the astronaut(s) who went up in the rocket, rather than the guy/team who built the rocket. These groups also believe that the vast majority of students would rather not know the scientific explanation because it would leave them feeling like they were in the clouds. I have been told by various martial art educators: 1) “You don’t need to know how an engine works in order to drive a car even though it may make you a slightly more efficient driver” 2) “for many martial art practitioners it is enough to be taught how to just DO the technique rather than understanding exactly how it works”. 3)  “The idea that people will remember the astronaut(s) who went up in the rocket, rather than the guy/team who built the rocket.” It is this type of attitude by the current martial arts educators/teachers that is ruining martial arts. It is these behind the scenes guys (teams) who are without recognition and who have studied long and hard to get a good education that would allow them to excel/specialize in physics, and the various sciences which allowed them to able to think critically and analytically to solve problems which make the space program possible.  The question must be ask who will educate and how prepared will the next generation of martial art teachers/masters be if the current generation of martial art educators are not equipped with the correct information and knowledge to pass along? All we have to do is look at what has happened to the educational system in this country for the vast major of its citizens. There is never a student who can’t learn, only teachers who can’t teach. Students only learn those things that they feel that they need to learn; it is the educator’s job to create this felt need within the student so learning can take place.

It has been said that before one can fight well he/she must first learn to stand well. You must learn how to structurally align the joints and bones and how to distribute your weight between you two platforms’ or over the one platform for balance. You must sink your roots deep into earth to become a part of mother earth. This is the foundation of any and all martial movement.  There will not be many who will talk the talk and walk the walk with true knowledge which will allow them to lead by their example. If you ask one or many to assume a low horse stance you should be the first one to get in it and the last one out of the “valley of pain”.

Martial art is still very important to us all it is a subject that we must look to learn from and most importantly, learn about. A martial artist has to be in command of all the facts in order to make an informed decision on his or her training and must understand martial training just as intimately, far how can one reject what is not understood.

The 2nd UMSF Camp Out will be held October 13th and 14th 2012

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The 1st UMSF Camp Out was held May 4th and 5th.  It was a great success!  Fun was had by all children, teenagers and adults.  Parents and students started setting up the camp site Friday night and we had great fun getting our tents up! The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the bonfire made by Master Sims which we used later for roasting our scrumptious marshmallows. We grilled hot dogs, veggie burgers and corn on the cob and had plenty to eat! Some students hung out in the school talking enjoying each others company while other students ran all over the ranch playing flash light tag! A lot of laughing and giggling by all!  Later on towards midnight, scary stories and skits were performed by the students around the camp fire. After the performances most of us turned in while some students stayed up until the wee hours of the morning!  It was nice to sleep in the fresh air outdoors listening to the crickets chirping and fire crackling. Then Saturday morning we were up and at em we had our oatmeal and fruit then rode horses and threw knives!  Thanks to all the students and parents who made this a great success and thanks to Master Sims who made sure all was safe while we slept.

15th Annual World Natural Hair, Health And Beauty Show

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Women Self Defense

I would like to thank all those who came out and participated in the World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty Show on April 28 & 29th at the Georgia International Convention Center in East Point Georgia. I would like to give special thanks to my staff:  Lisa Morgan, Wendell Sims, also to those who helped man the booth, pass out business cards and assist with the teaching of the workshop;  Debra Wilson, Diane Miller, Camille Taylor of Limited Not, Inc. and Lawrence Johnson.   A special thanks goes to Wendell and Lawrence for all the hits they took from the participants in the workshop and allowing me to demonstrate the techniques on them.

Woodward Academy Rank Testing

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May 9th Woodward Academy Rank Testing – Students will be rank testing at their normal martial art class times. Parents are invited, bring a camera, you’ll be proud of how much your child has accomplished!

Ki Training

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This morning I got up at 5 a.m. and started ki traing. The air is so fresh and clean this time of the day. The dew/moisture has fallen and cleared the dust, pollen and polluntants. This is my favorite time.