Women’s Self-Defense Class

Women’s Self-Defense Class

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Presented By Family Martial Art School and Jamaican Mango & Lime

Saturday November 5, 2011  – 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

A simple yet effective Self-Defense program designed for females of all ages.  This program is unique among the many self-defense programs on the market today.  Instead of teaching a large number of techniques, which may overwhelm the participants and cause a delay in reacting to an assault, this course only teaches one technique which consists of four very effective yet simple parts which are easy to learn and remember.

This workshop will teach you how to prevent physical assault and provide insight into mental aspects of resistance and physical techniques.  This technique deals with positive self-defense tactics that anyone can employ to effectively ward off or subdue an attacker.  Each student will gain insight and understanding and develop principles and methods of self-defense.  This technique is designed to use a minimum number of movements for responding to a number of encounters.

This program has been developed for and used by some of America’s top corporations,  colleges, hospitals, and health clubs including; IBM, General Foods, Readers Digest, ABB, Philip Morrow, South Carolina and New York branches of Girl Scouts, Sun Trust Bank, Club Fit, and many more.

effective, and easy-to-learn self-defense program for women of all ages.

In Just 4 Hours….

  • Learn highly effective techniques that can subdue even the strongest would-be attacker with minimal effort.

  • Recognize potentially dangerous situations and develop behavior to reduce the probability of an initial encounter.

  • Acquire a better understanding of your own capabilities and a greater confidence to cope with the unexpected.

This program is a four-hour course that includes a lecture, demonstration and realistic hands on training. It is compacted into three intensive phases that can be brought to your place of work, church, or club meetings

This self-defense course is designed to help participants to recognize potentially dangerous situations and appropriate behavior when faced with a physical attack. This behavior will reduce the probability of an initial encounter. But given a set of circumstances where physical contact appears unavoidable, the participants will be taught basic self-defense techniques designed to significantly reduce the degree of physical harm that might come to her.

Training September 15, 2011

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Tonight was an awesome class. All of the students who attend the class today gave 110% in their training. As an instructor I could not ask or expect. I would like to thank all of my wonderful students for giving the teaching staff and myself the opportunity to teach you. It does my heart good to see so many willing to train in the martial science way (Valley of pain). It is just as important to be able to think and understand technique and movement as well as fight.

Parents Meeting – September 10th

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Sat. Sept. 10th we appreciate the parents that turned out for our 1ST Parents Meeting.  Thank you much for your support!  We are excited about all the future plans we made and are going forward to end 2011 with some tremendously fun events and get a big jump start 2012.  Committee members you are awesome! Next meeting is Saturday Oct. 1st.  See you there.



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Beginning Oct. 8th, Saturday night beginning at 7 pm we have MOVIE NIGHT & PIZZA here at the school.  The cost will be minimal to cover pizza & drinks.  We are going to host this event every 2nd weekend of the month.  The movie of course will be martial art based.  Hi-Yaa!!


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We need all students to remember to sign up for their photo-shoot on Oct. 15h.  Professional photographer Jim Ries will be here and your time slots are 15 minutes each beginning at 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 pm.  Sign up at the school for your 1st martial art professional photo!  Great Christmas presents for family, add to your martial art resume (you will need photos for acting jobs).  Please ask any Instructor if you have any questions.




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BIG EVENT!!  We are planning to have bushel of fun at this year’s FALL FESTIVAL.  Hay rides, apple bobbing, cook-out, camp-fire, knife throwing, pumpkin bowling, races and so much more!

Parents Meeting

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I would like to take this time to thank all of the parents who came out this past weekend to the parents meeting. At the meeting we discussed the plans for a lot of activities that we be sponsoring here at the family martial art school for the remainder of 2011. Such as movie night which will be held the second weekend of every month beginning October 8. Photo day which will be held October 15 sign up is available now. The Fall Festival which be held October 29. Just to name a few of the activities that we will be having. Family martial arts next parents meeting will be Saturday October 1, 12 PM. I look forward to seeing you all then.

Weekend Workshop

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Weekend Training

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A Training Working Shop designed for Practitioners to acquire martial knowledge and skills through understanding and applications of the various sciences.

This is for those of you who are looking for some old school, back- in- the- day training (that I still train with to this very day). I’m talking about from sun-up to sun-down; no games, parties, politics or gimmicks – just all day training. During these sessions (this is not a seminar), you will re-learn the theory and principles that govern the martial arts. The following points will be covered during these training sessions: joint locking techniques, how to properly execute them, how to improve your forms, sword training and cutting, also ki training and breath control when executing techniques and forms, archery, knife throwing, as well as training from horseback. You will also learn how to develop your palm training, iron arm, and so much more all weekend. Nothing will be held back!

This is for the martial artist, male or female, that want to take their training of body, mind, and spirit to the next level.

Fundamental training of these sessions will consist of:

White belt level techniques and form; Ki Bon Soo, wrist escape, kicking, punching, stances, blocking, Ki Cho Hyung; are the abc’s of Kuk Sool or any martial art, for that matter, learned first if one is to be truly successful in the martial art; if the fundamental skill of how to make a correct fist and how to use the three major joints (shoulder, elbow, and wrist) in the arm to properly execute a punch. This must be done with each of the different hand techniques. They must also learn how to properly make the different foot positions for the different kicks (front, side, roundhouse, hook, back kick, ax, inside and outside circle) along with how to properly execute each kick and how to properly fall distributing the impact over a larger surface area as opposed to concentrating it in a specific area of the body. Also, how to properly assume the different stances, weight distribution on each leg, foot placement, and how to properly execute the entry level joint locks and throws so that they gain a working knowledge of each of the joints and how the different levers are applied in the techniques. This can be compared to our educational system, when one enters school for the first time he/she is taught the basic or fundamental skills needed to learn, such as how to hold a pencil, how to make lines and circles, the various shapes, the names and sounds of the various alphabets, how to make the different alphabets, how to write between the lines, how to count and write the various numbers, and how to add and subtract. If these fundamentals skills are not learned, the student will have a difficult time reading, writing, spelling, and problems with math. As you can see, if the fundamental educational skills are not learned early on, there will be difficulties from that point forward.

Master Sims background alone brings a new approach to the martial art market. Over forty-nine years of study and daily training in the fighting arts propelled him to be one of the nation’s top Martial Artists. He has captivated thousands of audiences, worldwide, through his innovative approach and wealth of knowledge. He trained and promoted the first non-Asian female Kuk Sool Master Instructor along with some of the top fighters and instructors in the art of Kuk Sool. He has been both successful as a martial artist and a martial art instructor.

Information provided in this weekend training sessions will have immediate and applicable value. Master Sims will use his in-depth knowledge of martial science, function anatomy, biomechanics, physics, instructor developments, and business to help martial art practitioners quickly and fully absorb and utilize the information he teaches.

Click on the following URL to download and view Weekend Training PDF http://unitedmartialsciencefederation.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/NewSeminarTab-4.pdf

Gathering of the Masters in Crestview Florida

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On Saturday, April 16th, I am scheduled to be teaching at  The 5th Annual Korean Martial Art Festival in Crestview Florida.  My subject matter will be the ” 8 Basic Techniques of Kuk Sool and Hapkido”.  Hope to see you there! For more information go to http://www.gordonmartialarts.com/april/2011GatheringofMasters.pdf