Basic Short Stick Form and Application

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Here’s a video that we produced to show some examples of short stick application and usage.

[youtube Csy_irJS_w8]


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Martial Science begins first by understanding of fundamental principles which govern a particular skill; and secondly, through strict application of those principles and laws which pertain to “martial science” skills.

Our Seminars provide an immediate and applicable value. Chief Master Instructor Marlin Sims will use his in-depth knowledge of Martial Science, functional anatomy, biomechanics, physics, instructor development and business skills to help participants quickly and fully absorb and utilize the information provided at our various seminars and workshops. We provide seminars and workshops for martial artists (and their schools), business professionals, social groups, law enforcement, community based organizations, Boys & Girls Scouts, women’s groups, gang prevention groups, and churches.

Master Sims background alone brings a new approach to the conflict resolution skills market. Over fifty-three years of study and daily training in the combat arts has propelled him to be one of the nation’s top Martial Artists. He has captivated thousands of audiences worldwide through his innovative approach and wealth of knowledge. He has trained and promoted the first Non-Asian Kuk Sool Female Master along with some of the top fighters and instructors in the art of Kuk Sool. He has been both successful as a martial artist and martial instructor.

Information provided in this seminar will have immediate and applicable value. Master Sims will use his in-depth knowledge of Martial Science, functional anatomy, biomechanics, physics, instructor development, and business to help martial art practitioners quickly and fully absorb and utilize the information he teaches.

Re-think martial art as a science “Martial Science”.

Where do you go when desiring to learn the knowledge and true understanding of combat principals, theories, techniques and movement?

This seminar, regardless of your rank or style, will help you acquire combat knowledge and skills through understanding and applications of the various sciences such as:

  • Functional Anatomy
  • Motor Control and Learning
  • Biomechanics
  • Physics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Body Structure Alignment
  • Laws of motion and their applicability to the body and or striking extremity.
  • Gain an understanding of how the body’s various weapons are developed and trained.
  • Learn how correct body alignment and stances will improve your martial art readiness’, movements and power.
  • Understand how to prioritize your training to ensure that you build upon a solid foun­dation, and develop appropriate sequence’s needed for developing those skills.


Proficiency in martial arts is attained in the same manner as proficiency in any other skill. First, you must have a clear and concise understanding of the fun­damental principles that govern that particular skill; and secondly, through the strict application of those principles and laws which pertain to the “Martial Science” skills.

This seminar may be just what you need to get you to the next level- nothing will be held back!

● Become Stronger – Faster – More Stable

● Improve Your Balance and Your Range of Movement

● Understand how to produce more force with minimal effort

● Become more explosive and more agile

● Achieve better hand, foot and eye coordination

● Enhance your Perception

Welcome to our new site!

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“Martial Science” is dedicated to teaching the ideals of loyalty, respect, honor, trust, courage, and integrity; as well as, discipline and indomitable spirit through the study of martial science and a commitment to excellence. “Martial Science” schools offer a wide range of courses designed to develop the Body, Mind, and Spirit of its member’s student. Regardless as to whether they are new to the study and practice of “Martial Science”, or have been a student for many years, our students will succeed.

Our instructors are well versed, educated and nationally certified in our art. Our instructors have the skill, experience and education needed to assist everyone in receiving all of what Martial Science has to offer. We believe there is never a student unable to learn, just teachers who are unable to teach.

All students are instructed in the basic Martial Science skills that promote confidence, a better self image, coordination, and respect for themselves and others. The courses include a range of areas from primitive to modern combat arts. “Martial Science” schools are designed as a place for students to train, learn and grow as peaceful practitioners and individuals.
“Martial Science” is a beautiful and dynamic hard-soft style of fighting, emphasizing speed and fluidity. At the same time, it is an elegant and powerful system which integrates the body, mind, and spirit. The physical training behind “Martial Science” is very specific and includes total body training such as: weight/resistance training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, hand/foot muscle and bone building, bilateral motor coordination, as well as stabilization and strengthening techniques. It also teaches one to consume only live raw plant-based foods to provide the body with fuel and raw material for Martial Science training and development. Raw foods are essential, for only life comes from life (raw vegetarian foods).  Proper training and nutrition enables the Martial Science practitioner to carry out motor functions, developing balance and improving neuromuscular control by applying various proprioceptive facilitation techniques.  This training helps to direct the muscles to fire at the optimal time, and in the correct order. It will also help the Martial Science practitioner to react quickly to unpredictable confrontational situations: such as, interaction with opponents or practice partners, counteraction to an opponent’s force or movement; or any other physical contact which puts the body in an unstable position. This system is designed to improve and maintain health, physical development and along with proper nutrition it will develop internal power and slow down the aging process.

The nutrition, exercises and postures of “Martial Science” are designed to incorporate and work all levels of the body. The breathing techniques connect the body and mind, and the concentration exercises are designed to improve speed and mental skills. The practice of “Martial Science” energizes your entire body, mind and spirit for the day or diffuses tension from a stressful one. “Martial Science” naturally aligns your body’s structure and allows the body to move freely with increased agility, balance and grace. “Martial Science” approach is a building process; the foundation is laid with individual components being learned first and training divided up into stages – each stage building on the next.

Our goal is to make this Web Site the best collection of shared Martial Science knowledge on this topic. If you have a passion for conflict resolution skills, Sing-Up and we’ll contact you when we have availability. You can also boost our enrollment by suggesting the Official Facebook Page.

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